School Visits & Well-being Workshops

1. Author Visit

Learning Outcome:

To encourage children to become enthused and excited about books, stories, writing and rhyming.

There is a focus upon promoting children's emotional literacy and emotional well-being throughout

the session.


Year Groups:  Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Lesson Length: Approximately 30 minutes per class (plus time to sign and give out any copies

of books to children whose parents have purchased one). Nursery 20 minute visit.


2. 'Get Active with Emotions' Lesson

Learning Outcomes:

To support children with using action, movement and their imaginations to express and process their feelings, develop their resilience and support good mental health and well-being as a whole. This is a hall based session and plimsolls/ trainers will be required.

Year Groups:   Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Lesson Length: Approximately 30 minutes per class (around 20 minutes for nursery children).


3. ‘Engage with Emotions’ Lesson (power point and classroom based)

Learning Outcomes:

A lesson which teaches children how to healthily process their feelings to support good mental health, build resilience and enhance their emotional well-being.


Children will learn through the concept: “Let the rain FALL, so the sun can shine!’ Where FALL is an acronym intended to guide children through the following processes: Feel, Act, Learn and Let Go!

The children will learn the importance of allowing their feelings, expressing them, learning from them and letting them go.

Year Groups: Reception - Year 6
Lesson Length: 30-40 minutes depending upon age & ability

Half a Day: £200   

Full Day: £350

This includes a free signed book per class (EYFS and KS1 classes only) and two teaching/activity

resource packs along with some complimentary resources from Storytime Magazine.