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Disastrous Day

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About Me


Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm here to offer insight, inspiration and information to children, parents and teachers about cultivating good mental health and well-being.


I have over 20 years experience of supporting emotional well-being and

mental health. I've been qualified in Counselling and Psychotherapy since 2012 ( and I'm a proud mum of three beautiful

children as well as being a writer and author.


The Fantastic Fin and Friends series of books are actually inspired by my

experiences with my own children coupled with my knowledge and

expertise as a professional. Fantastic Fin Faces his Fears was released

in August 2021 and is my debut book. 

Story telling is a powerful tool and I absolutely love visiting primary

schools to read my books as part of my author visits and well-being

workshops. I have a range of free resources for parents and teachers, so

please go and check them out.


I'm also lucky enough to consult with and write for the wonderful Storytime Magazine for their mental health content - one of the UK's leading kids magazines, packed with both new and classic stories.




                                              'Fantastic Fin Faces his Fears' is my debut children’s picture book which                                                  sees Fin face various challenges that young children typically face,                                                          and he embodies different inspiring characters and animals who                                                              enable him to become brave and overcome his challenges. Andrew                                                       Whitehead ( is the fabulous illustrator who has                                                                brought the story to life! At the back of the book, there is a 'Fear                                                                  Fact file' for children along with some tips to support parents.                                                                    I used this idea with my own son called Finlay, when he was                                                                        younger, and it worked very well. I am very excited for its launch,                                                               and I hope it inspires both children (and grown-ups) to find their                                                              courage and strength to face any challenge that life throws at                                                                   them!


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