About Me

Fantastic Fin
Faces His Fears


My name is Jessica Bowers, I am a wife and mother of three young children. I have

a private Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice based in Derbyshire. I trained

at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham where I gained

a 1st class Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2012. I initially

graduated from the University of Wolverhampton back in 2000, and since then

I have never stopped studying! I am due to gain my Master’s Degree in

Integrative Psychotherapy in 2023. Prior to my therapeutic work, I worked in a

residential school for over 10 years with young people with social, emotional

and behavioural difficulties. My counselling and psychotherapy website can

be found here:


During the lockdown, and the countless late-night feeds with my baby, I

began writing some poetry and rhyming stories centred around well-being

themes, with the intention of developing children's emotional literacy and

well-being. Themes in my writing have emerged from my experiences of parenting young children as well as from my professional knowledge, understanding and experience as a therapist. I have always loved rhyming stories and poetry. One of the best parts of being a parent are the countless cuddles and stories I have had the pleasure of sharing with my children.


As I have allowed my creativity to flow, I have become extremely passionate about writing with an intention to inform, inspire and support children. I can see that there is a need for a solid foundation of emotional literacy, self-esteem and resilience to be nurtured from childhood, and I have started developing some resources for younger children that will promote these. I do intend to develop more resources in the future, and I would love to receive any feedback from you about the ones that are available on my website. I would also love to hear about any themes that you would like help and support with, to inform my writing moving forwards. Please subscribe to my mailing list, and I will keep you informed of any further free resources that I develop.


                                          I have now written a range of rhyming stories that I will be publishing as a                                            well-being collection for 4–7-year-olds entitled ‘Fantastic Fin and Friends’


                                              'Fantastic Fin Faces his Fears' is my debut children’s picture book which                                                  sees Fin face various challenges that young children typically face,                                                          and he embodies different inspiring characters and animals who                                                              enable him to become brave and overcome his challenges. Andrew                                                       Whitehead ( is the fabulous illustrator who has                                                                brought the story to life! At the back of the book, there is a 'Fear                                                                  Fact file' for children along with some tips to support parents.                                                                    I used this idea with my own son called Finlay, when he was                                                                        younger, and it worked very well. I am very excited for its launch,                                                               and I hope it inspires both children (and grown-ups) to find their                                                              courage and strength to face any challenge that life throws at                                                                   them!


I am proud to be acting as a consultant and writer for the wonderful 'Storytime Magazine' for their emotional literacy and well-being content. They are a leading Children's Magazine who print engaging stories and activities on quality paper and say no to plastic! Check them out here they are a fabulous reading resource for children aged 3-9.


From October, I will be writing a little section in Storytime magazine called ‘My Mind Matters!’. It will contain poems, insights and activities designed to support good mental health in children.